Today marks the first anniversary of the Above Ground blog. Over the past year, this forum has helped to enhance Goldcorp’s communication with stakeholders in the social media age, as well as our commitment to transparency, to responsible mining and to our vision of Together, Creating Sustainable Value.

When we started the blog in February 2012, it was with an email distribution list of about 80 people. We now have nearly 600 followers, and counting. In our first post a year ago, we told you that we’re willing to talk openly about issues, concerns, opportunities and ideas with people interested in having a discussion. Thank you for taking the time to send us your encouraging notes and to those that have asked us for more information. We even appreciate the not-so-encouraging notes – they drive us to do better.

When we decided to maintain a company blog we knew it would be challenging. The blog is a forum to highlight the good work the company does in the communities where we operate, and to discuss how and where we can make improvements. We’re not perfect. But we hope you’ve seen through our commitment to providing you transparent information that we’re working hard to be the best mining company in the world, whether your measure of success is our environmental, social and governance (ESG) practices or our returns to shareholders or our ability to attract and retain the best talent in the business.

To celebrate our first birthday, we decided to look back at the content over the past 12 months and to encourage you, as part of our growing audience and stakeholders, to participate in helping shape what is posted here in the future.

We’re proud of the work our team has done at the Marlin Mine in Guatemala , our health and safety collaborations and of our work with the World Gold Council to develop the Conflict-Free Gold Standard.

We’ve also featured some “soft” stories around community successes and human interest pieces that demonstrate our vision of creating sustainable value. Our first guest blogger shed some light on the various uses of gold in technology and healthcare. More recently our post about Creating Choices, a leadership training program for women at Goldcorp, got a lot of attention.

As these examples demonstrate, the Above Ground blog is a mix of inspiring, informational and difficult subjects. Each post reflects Goldcorp’s commitment to transparency, and to being responsible, respected and welcomed everywhere we do business.

We look forward to bringing you more stories about Goldcorp, our people, our communities and our industry in the months and years to come. We also invite you to sign up for the blog, if you haven’t already, and to share our posts with friends, colleagues and acquaintances on your favourite social media sites. We welcome you to join the conversation!


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