The major impact of Wednesday’s 7.4 magnitude earthquake was felt in San Marcos and neighboring regions, located close to Goldcorp’s Marlin mine. To date, the aftermath includes an estimated 50 fatalities, many injured and missing as well as damages to highway infrastructure, phone, cellular and electrical power lines.

The mine’s major infrastructure remained intact and a preliminary assessment noted that both the spillway and the Tailing Storage Facility (TSF) did not sustain any damage – both are of critical importance for maintaining the quality of any water outputs from the site. Monitoring to ensure the safety and integrity of these two important structures is ongoing.

Goldcorp is doing its part to support relief efforts in Guatemala in partnership with the national and local governments:

  • Goldcorp has partnered with the National Commission for Disasters Reduction and Control (CONRED in Guatemala) with the objective to coordinate search parties in several jurisdictions for the remaining missing people. Marlin’s Rescue team has been appointed as coordinators of the command post and is in charge of safety during the rescue missions.
  • Goldcorp has been organizing efforts alongside the Governor of San Marcos to supply over 500 rations of food and water to those affected and Goldcorp continues to communicate with the mayors of Sipacapa and San Miguel de Ixtahuacan to provide support and solidarity to the two neighboring towns and its many villages.

A few of the Company’s employee’s homes were harmed by the tremor and we are taking action by providing the individual support they need.

We are continuing to look for ways to assist in supporting the relief efforts in Guatemala and send our condolences to all of those affected by the earthquake.



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