In this series, we introduce you to the winners of Goldcorp’s Global Excellence Awards 2019.  The Awards were launched in 2014 and are held every year to celebrate excellence and recognize achievements and successes made by individuals and teams across our organization who are thinking innovatively, finding ways to improve our business and supporting our vision of Together, Creating Sustainable Value.

Doris Vega, Manager of Institutional Relations at Peñasquito, has championed gender equity issues over the last two decades. She has been recognized as one of the most influential women in Mexico’s mining industry and most recently received a Global Excellence Award as Community Champion for her tireless efforts in helping break the glass ceiling in mining.

Since 1998, Doris has incorporated her passion for women’s issues with her career pursuits covering journalism, public policy development and mining. She started her career in radio and television focusing on gender equity policy issues. Doris served as President of the Association of Women Journalists of Zacatecas and received the prestigious Mexico Journalism Award in 2007 from the Federation of Associations of Mexican Journalists (FAPERMEX). She also served for 12 years as a Public Career Official in the Semarnat Delegación Zacatecas, in charge of the Department of Communication and Environmental Education, where she directed the First State Plan of Environmental Education in the country.

“From a very young age, I realized that there was a great gap in access to opportunities for women due to discriminatory and sexist treatment,” says Doris. “In a somewhat intuitive way, I began to analyze behaviors, and my rebellious personality always led me to break paradigms. But the real trigger to start working consciously to generate different scenarios for women was the birth of my two daughters. Now it wasn’t just about me. It was about something bigger. It was about transforming the conditions of the generation that follows us.”

She brought this passion for empowering women to Peñasquito in 2011, where she began to disseminate stories of successful women in mining who were an inspiration to other women considering the possibility of building a professional career in the industry.

When Goldcorp’s Creating Choices program was launched in Latin America, providing training, development and mentorship for women in mining, Doris was quick to step up as facilitator and spokesperson for the program.

In 2015, she formed a working group with Women Executive Leaders in Mexico, which included the President of the Mining Commission from the Chamber of Deputies, and the General Director of Mines, among others.

Her contribution and passion for redefining the role of women in mining have earned her national and state recognition. She was profiled in the newspaper IMAGEN as one of the most influential women in Mexico’s mining industry. In January 2016, she was named one of the 111 leaders of Zacatecas by Gente Inn Magazine, a respected local social-political publication.

When the WIM Women’s Association (Women in Mining) Mexico was formed that same year, Doris was invited to participate as a member of the National Council. Through her relentless perseverance, she attracted 150 female mining professionals, as well as entrepreneurs, operators, contractors, collaborators, students and teachers, to the Zacatecas Mujeres WIM District in just 10-months.

“I applaud Doris’s commitment to empower women in the industry, but I recognize even more the coherence in which she unites various parties to conduct meetings a harmonious way,” says Ruben de J.

Del Pozo Mendoza, President of the Association of Mining Engineers, Metallurgists and Geologists of Mexico (AIMMGM) District Zacatecas.

In November 2017, Doris served as Goldcorp’s ambassador to the Canada-Mexico Alliance presenting to Canadian and Mexican government officials on the programs and initiatives to empower women, create greater gender diversity and support the advancement of women in mining.

She has spoken at numerous forums on gender equity issues both at home and abroad to raise awareness about workplace discrimination. Her contribution has helped inspire countless women to break down barriers and achieve their dreams, while compelling industry players to make meaningful changes to improve diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

“Empowering other women and changing stereotypes associated with gender has been a matter of conviction for me,” she says. “Receiving a Global Excellence Award as Community Champion is a special incentive because for me it is the way to communicate to my daughters that working with a social conscience will always bear fruit.”


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