Anna Tudela, Goldcorp’s Vice President, Diversity, Regulatory Affairs and Corporate Secretary was recently invited to speak at the CIM Environment and Social Responsibility Society’s inaugural webinar of the Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Committee (DIAC) Webinar Series.

The CIM’s (The Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum) Environmental and Social Responsibility Society was founded to provide a forum for the exchange of knowledge and skills in technical areas between professionals in the mining, metallurgical, petroleum and coal industries, and to provide value to its members by providing leadership and professional development opportunities.

During the webinar, Anna shared Goldcorp’s Diversity action plan, including how she plans to implement it and how it helps to make an inclusive environment throughout Goldcorp, and discussed her perspectives on the 3 stages of Goldcorp’s Diversity and Inclusion Journey:

Be courageous and start somewhere.

Every company needs to start somewhere. For Goldcorp, it all started with Gender Diversity.

Collaboration is key.

By collaborating with other organizations, in all industries, not only the natural resource business, we learned that all have the same goals and objectives to advance Diversity and Inclusion, and we could share learnings and examples of what has worked.

Take action by developing a Diversity and Inclusion Strategy.

For Goldcorp, this was the most important stage. It cannot be done alone, as collaboration and ‘Tone at the Top’ are needed to be successful. Having a clear plan of action, a defined governance model, and engagement strategy, helped to bring our ideas to life.  The more we continue to learn, to evolve and, most importantly, to get the opportunity to share our learnings and work together the more diverse and inclusive the mining industry will become.

A replay of Anna’s CIM webinar on Goldcorp’s Diversity and Inclusion journey is available HERE.



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