100 technical specialists

90 presentations

66 WebEx sessions

3 streams

2 languages

1 technical summit

In November 2017, Goldcorp held its first Technical Summit where Geologists, Metallurgists, Mine Engineers and Senior Leaders from across the company, met to share ideas, generate solutions and drive innovation.

The purpose of the summit, initiated and led by Simon Hille, VP Technical Services, was to invest in technical excellence by creating a forum for participants to share best practices between sites, support the development of technical skills and solutions, create momentum for greater technical innovation and collaboration across the company and stimulate thinking and innovative approaches to existing challenges.

According to Hille, “One of the key foundations of our business is to drive technical excellence and unlock the power of collaboration. The Technical Summit is just the tip of the iceberg as to what a focused group of innovative thinkers can generate for Goldcorp.”

Over the course of three days, presentations and workshops focused on site-specific projects as well as common areas of opportunity for Goldcorp and best practices in the areas of Geology, Metallurgy and Mine Engineering. Topics covered ranged from Reconciliation (the process of working collaboratively to better predict tonnes, grade and recovered metal from geological model to the final product) to solving existing technical pain points.

With a nod to #DisruptMining, the Technical Summit ended with a similar Shark Tank-style event where cross-functional teams presented their ideas to a panel of judges. There were several ideas generated with potential to be implemented within Goldcorp, however the winning group’s proposal for automated core logging was awarded $100,000 towards travel, research and a prefeasibility study to bring their idea to life.

The appetite for innovation and the pace of change in the mining industry is being matched internally at Goldcorp, with employees eager to drive the technical innovation agenda forward through further collaborative exchanges, forums and summits.

We look forward to seeing what ideas are surfaced from outside Goldcorp during this year’s #DisruptMining event in early March.


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