Today, we celebrate the United Nations’ Universal Children’s Day, which each year promotes international togetherness and improving children’s welfare worldwide. Here we share two examples which illustrate how Goldcorp is providing learning opportunities to help children in communities near our operations take ideas and experiences forward into their future studies and careers.

RLGM Mining Matters 2017

RLGM Mining Matters 2017

In Canada, and supported by Goldcorp, Mining Matters is a charitable organization dedicated to bringing knowledge and awareness about Canada’s geology and mineral resources to young students and also connects to Indigenous communities by participating in events and festivals across Canada.

In early October 2017, Goldcorp’s Red Lake Gold Mines hosted another successful Mining Matters program in Lac Seul First Nation, in Ontario. The program has been integrated into the Lac Seul Grade 5/6 school curriculum and 30 students attended from three schools. Popular activities during the three day program included Cookie Mining, the Headframe Building Contest and the Water Filtration activity.

Students had the opportunity to learn about the positive impacts mining can bring to communities and the different career opportunities at Goldcorp’s Red Lake Gold Mines. Many of the children were familiar with the roles, through immediate family or relatives who currently work at the mine.

In Mexico, Peñasquito’s Open Doors Program builds trust in the community as well as opening young minds. Every year, the operation provides guided mine site tours for children aged 6-12 from 19 neighboring communities. In 2017, approximately 880 children and 40 teachers visited the mine, covering 100 percent of the elementary school population in the surrounding area. The children experienced wearing personal protective equipment and were guided by tour-bus through parts of the operation, enjoyed seeing the size and scale of haul trucks and learned about reclamation at the tree nursery where they adopted a tree and received an adoption certificate.

“Peñasquito Open Doors is part of our community development strategy designed to increase education levels in the region through site visits and by providing useful information for schools, families and the community,” explained Nelson Núñez, Peñasquito’s Sustainability Manager. “Our intention is to fight school dropouts by encouraging children to keep studying, so in the future they may be part of a company like Goldcorp.”

Students visiting Peñasquito were also familiar with some roles – sixty-five percent have a relative working at the mine. Efforts were made to connect children with their relatives during the tours to help reinforce the importance of Goldcorp’s commitment to create a work environment “Safe Enough for Our Families.”

Watch the video from last year’s Open Doors program.

Inspiring a child’s interest in geology and mineral resources may potentially open doors and prospects for them in later life. By developing community engagement programs that connect with children, we can continue to build strong relationships and create value for communities that lasts beyond the operating life of our mines.


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