In 2016, Éléonore developed an initiative to strengthen the connection between the mine and its employee’s families. To reinforce Goldcorp’s safety vision of having our workplaces Safe Enough for Our Families, employee’s children and grandchildren were invited to participate in a drawing competition. Éléonore’s Mine department proposed to decorate a 200 foot tunnel, the path between the admin building and the mine operating zone used by almost 300 people every day, with the drawings submitted by the children.

The “Draw Éléonore’s World” contest launched in late 2016 and was open to all employee’s children and grandchildren, 17 years old and younger. There were five submission categories, reflecting Éléonore’s most important values: Safety, You at the Mine, Environment, Exploration and Mining, and Diversity.

Close to 200 drawings from 100 families were received. Winners were chosen in each age category, with grand prizes for the artists.

The final stage of the contest was completed on May 11, 2017, with the unveiling of a wall mural displaying all of drawings received in the contest along the foot tunnel.  Attending the ceremony was Goldcorp’s Board of Directors Sustainability Committee, who were on their annual site visit, and many of Éléonore’s employees – the proud parents of the artists!

The drawings along this busy corridor at the mine will serve as a creative reminder for employees to work responsibly and return home safely to their families.

Congratulations to all the winners and thank you for your inspiration to be Safe Enough for Our Families!


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