Goldcorp Inc. and Integra Gold Corp. are pleased to announce the five finalists for #DisruptMining. Selecting the five finalists and 12 semi-finalists was a difficult task for the selection committee, a testament to the number of revolutionary ideas and technologies put forth in the 153 submissions received. The sold-out live finale will take place on Sunday, March 5, 2017 at the Carlu in Toronto during the Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada (PDAC) convention.

The five finalists pitching their disruptive technology “shark-tank” style to the panel of judges are:

  • Bio-Mine Ltd. Using a bio-intelligent, augmenting consortium of organisms designed specifically for “targeted” metal recovery and remediation, this game changing environmental technology is programmable to specific mineralogy in many different environmental conditions. Discovered by Dr. Vasu Appanna, a Professor and former Dean of Science and Engineering at Laurentian University, also led by company co-founder Kurtis Vanwallegham, Bio-Mine Ltd. is set to drive the mining recovery and remediation sector towards the elusive and ultimate “0-footprint” goal.
  • Cementation Canada Inc. Using a combination of existing and proven crushing, pumping and slurry technologies, Cementation has developed a proof of concept model for process injection hoisting that would eliminate the need for mine shaft production hoisting or trucking, transporting ore to the surface using a pump driven pipeline loop. The technology is adaptable to all mining methods and would substantially reduce energy consumption and ventilation requirements. The team at Cementation “builds mines” from design through to construction and this invention has the potential to revolutionize underground mine development to the benefit of the entire industry.
  • Goldspot Discoveries developed a machine-learning algorithm capable of significantly improving mineral exploration targeting on both a regional and local scale. Goldspot Discoveries is revolutionizing the investment decision model by using the Goldspot Algorithm to stake acreage, acquire projects and royalties, and invest in public vehicles to create a portfolio of assets with the greatest reward to risk ratio. Managed by seasoned industry experts from both financial and technical backgrounds, the team is armed with a unique technological edge designed by the Data Miners, the next generation of mining genius and runners up in the 2016 Integra Gold Rush Challenge.
  • Kore Geosystems Inc. The true power of machine learning and artificial intelligence can only be unleashed with robust, high quality data inputs. KORE plans to install instruments onto the drill rig that can provide real-time, automated data accelerating timelines for multiple mining stages and decision-making intelligence. The KORE team, Vince Gerrie, Aaron Maher, Sebastian D. Goodfellow, Chris Drielsma, Patrick Hooker and Chris Lane, bring together years of expertise in geology, geophysics, software engineering, and technology development.
  • TradeWind Markets Inc. is a new electronic trading, settlement and custody platform for physical gold bullion. TradeWind Markets is using a combination of distributed ledger technology (blockchain) and exchange technology to unlock functionality in gold bullion, vaulted with a G7 Government counterparty. The business is a partnership between IEX, the Investors Exchange, a fair, simple and transparent stock exchange, and Sprott Asset Management, a globally recognized leader in precious metals investment.

“Congratulations to Integra Gold, Goldcorp and the five finalists of this innovation challenge. This industry-driven effort to crowdsource ideas and support bold new approaches for stronger environmental performance and enhanced productivity will help ensure Canada’s minerals industry remains a source of jobs and opportunities for generations” stated the Honourable Jim Carr, Canada’s Minister of Natural Resources.

Deciding the fate of the five finalists will be David Harquail, CEO, Franco-Nevada Corporation; Robert Herjavec, CEO, Herjavec Group and judge on ABC Television Network’s Shark Tank; Rob McEwen, Chairman & CEO, McEwen Mining; Todd White, COO, Goldcorp Inc. and Bernadette Wightman, President, Cisco Canada. Each finalist will have five minutes to pitch and defend their idea to the panel and demonstrate how their idea or technology has the potential to #DisruptMining.  Judges will have two minutes to respond and ask questions.

Goldcorp, represented by judge Todd White, has committed $1,000,000 for a proof of concept at one of its mines or investment in the winning technologies. The remaining four judges will represent $100,000 each. Following each presentation, any judge will have the ability to send a disruptor to the deal room to negotiate an investment.

The #DisruptMining Expo

In addition to the five finalists, 12 semi-finalists have been chosen for the #DisruptMining daytime expo. The expo will take place on March 5, 2017 from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. EST at the Carlu in Toronto.

The 12 semi-finalists being showcased at the daytime expo are:

  • Acoustic Zoom Inc.
  • BGC Engineering Inc.
  • Dundee Sustainable Technologies
  • GeoLEARN
  • GroundTruth Exploration Inc.
  • Hard-Line
  • Heads Up Display Inc.
  • Minrail Inc.
  • New Mining Solutions
  • Scanimetrics Inc.
  • YieldPoint Inc.

Goldcorp and Integra Gold would like to thank the generous sponsors of #DisruptMining: title sponsor Raymond James and event sponsors Macquarie and BMO.


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