February 20, 2012

Welcome to Goldcorp’s Above Ground Blog

governance, partnerships

You might ask: why would Goldcorp want to host a blog?

It’s simple – transparency. Time after time we’ve told our stakeholders that our door is open and we mean it. We are willing and open to talk about issues, concerns, opportunities and ideas with people who share an interest in having those discussions with us. So, we wanted to provide people with another effective avenue for enhancing transparency, engagement and dialogue.

People may assume Goldcorp is a giant, faceless gold mining company, but in my opinion, it’s not. It’s a vibrant culture made up of thousands of people. Innovative, hardworking people. People who have families. People who care about other people. People dedicated to changing lives for the better.

And through the eyes of these people, we will share the stories, challenges, and successes that we experience while striving to be the most responsible, respected and welcomed mining company in the world.

Our first “story” is about one of our most important values at Goldcorp – partnerships.

We’re keen to hear from you – tell us what you think!

Dominique Ramirez Manager,
Corporate Affairs and CSR


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